ALMiG Kaptiv-cs Electronic Zero Air Loss Drain With Alarm Function

Product Features

The ALMiG KAPTIV-CS (Compact Solution) removes all types of condensate from compressed air systems up to 100 m3/min. without the loss of compressed air.

The KAPTIV-CS is cost effective and offers a rapid pay-back period due to a competitive pricing level, low stocking cost, zero air loss and energy saving features.

The compact industrial robust housing, 2/2 way direct acting valve with a large orifice, alarm feature (potential free relay) and the integrated mesh strainer make the KAPTIV-CS a highly reliable draining solution.

Equipped with a digital, LED illuminated, sight-port/ level indicator showing you the condensate level inside the reservoir and enabling you to monitor the KAPTIV-CS’s operation, even in poor lit places.


  • Competitive compact zero air loss draining solution
  • Zero air loss technology saves air, energy and money
  • Rapid pay-back period due to competitive pricing level and reduced stocking costs
  • One model covers compressor capacities up to 100 m3/min.
  • No sizing charts required, offering stocking advantages
  • Consult factory for D-LUX models (a variant that offers extensive programming options) • Consult JORC for private labelling options


  • Alarm feature (potential free relay) standard incorporated • Visual alarm (LED) indication
  • Digital, LED illuminated sight-port/level indicator
  • Zero air loss during condensate discharge
  • Successful draining of all types of condensate due to large orifice • Easy installation and visual display of operating status
  • Integrated mesh strainer
  • Direct acting valve assembly, ensuring reliable discharge operation • Robust corrosion resistant aluminium housing
  • Easy and quick to service
  • Optional heater for cold weather applications available