ALMiG BELT XP Screw Compressor Distrubtor | ACS Compressors

High compressor performance and operational reliability 24/7

  • Low-maintenance V-belt drive
  • Low noise level
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance costs

Stable air pressure, consistent volume flow and quiet continuous operation are just a few of the advantages that benefit you with the ALMiG BELT XP series.
These sophisticated, compact units, unlike conventional reciprocating compressors, offer reduced noise levels and improved compressed air quality through a much lower residual oil content.

With its robust and proven components, the BELT XP compact system reliably ensures high compressor performance and operational reliability around the clock.
The long-lasting compressors are equipped with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transmits drive power from 4 to 37 kW virtually loss-free.

The BELT XP series enables particularly economical and reliable operation in the volume flow range up to 6.30 m³/min.

In addition, the concept of the fixed-speed series aims at long service life and low maintenance costs, making the screw compressors particularly suitable for use as base-load compressors in continuous operation. The intuitive ALMiG controls make the BELT series easy to operate. Due to the maintenance-friendly design, the service costs remain completely manageable.