SEPREMIUM 2 Oil / Water Separator | ACS Compressors


As condensate flows in to the SEPREMIUM 2, the oil is filtered out through various filtration elements.

The oil adsorbing elements combine various types of adsorption technologies to achieve less than 10 ppm oil residue values at the output stage.

The SEPREMIUM 2 is a cost effective high performance solution for small compressed air applications.

The SEPREMIUM 2 drops in to its holding bracket (supplied as standard). Servicing involves disconnecting the inlet and outlet, removing the separator and placing a new unit in the holding bracket.

There are no separate replacement elements and as such servicing is a quick and above all a clean process.

Brass hose connections offer a quick coupling installation procedure.


  • Separation of all types of compressor lubricants
  • Compact design
  • Test valve and sample bottle to test oil ppm residue included as standard
  • The SEPREMIUM does not incorporate a settling reservoir (no bacteria growth)
  • Consult JORC for private labelling options


  • High performance filtration materials applied
  • Simple, fast and clean installation and maintenance procedure
  • Successful separation of mineral oil, synthetic lubricants and stabile emulsions
  • Relevant fixings and installation bracket for wall mounting included
  • Brass hose connections for quick and easy installation