ALMiG COMBI Screw Compressor Package | ACS Compressors

The Perfect 4-in-1 Workstation

  • Compressor
  • Receiver
  • Refrigeration dryer
  • Pre and after-filters

The ALMiG COMBI screw compressors product range are a cost-effective 4-in-1 solution. The compressed air workstation combines a compressor, compressed air receiver (with automatic condensate drain as standard), refrigeration dryer and pre and after-filter in one housing as standard and therefore satisfies the stringent compressed air quality requirements for pneumatic applications according to DIN ISO 8573-1.

The COMBI screw compressors deliver 5.5 – 22 kW of power with volume flows of 0.62 – 3.34 m³/min and are fitted with a reliable and highly effective V-belt drive. Requiring a small space of 1 m² and emitting very low noise levels, the compact compressors can be installed exactly where the compressed air is needed, saving your company major investments in expensive pressure lines. Other benefits of these very compact compressors are their low weight and ease of transport. All it takes is one pallet truck or fork-lift truck to position the complete compressed air station.

Combi Technical 1
Combi Technical 2
Combi Technical 3