ALMiG V-Drive T Screw Compressors | ACS Compressors

Two-stage and speed-controlled

  • Highly efficient two-stage compression
  • Energy-saving speed control
  • Industry 4.0-capable controller

How can the most energy-efficient screw compressor in the world be made even more efficient? By combining highly efficient two-stage compression with speed control.
 ALMiG combines exactly this in the new V-Drive T!
 The unique stage design integrates the first and second stage in one compressor unit.

The rotors of each compressor stage achieve optimum speed thanks to the gear drive. An efficient compression is achieved by using a cooling oil mist for interstage cooling. This controlled amount of
oil enables at the same time to avoid condensate in the second stage.

A complicated and expensive separate interstage cooling is not necessary and reliability increases.


  • The high efficiency of the compressor allows high energy savings to be achieved and the life cycle costs of the plant to be reduced.
  • Partly far more than 10 % energy savings compared to single-stage compression
  • No expensive idle times due to speed control of the compressor
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Low differential pressures
  • Low thermal load
  • Easy maintenance and service

The speed control and variable motor speed automatically and sensitively adjust the delivery volume to the fluctuating air consumption. This reduces costly and energy-intensive idle times to a minimum.

In addition to efficiency, low speeds and a lower internal pressure difference increase the service life and reliability of the compressor unit.

With regard to Industry 4.0, the control of the compressor has all the prerequisites to participate in internal company communication or to be monitored externally via a web server.