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High quality compressed air

ACS Compressors knows the importance of high quality compressed air and guarantees to provide customers with the highest available quality air in the market. Using clean, dry air is extremely important for all kinds of air powered applications.

Moisture or contamination in the air which will come from the standard compressor outlet will cause complicated system errors. These complications will decrease productivity and may affect the production quality of final products.


  • Low pressure drops results in Energy Savings
  • Quick start and reaction time insures the air quality required is achieved quickly.
  • Every dryer is specially designed according to its flow with the right components to consume lowest energy consumption.
  • Highly energy efficient R134a refrigerant is standard across all models
  • A state-of-the-art heat exchanger design provides the highest cost saving one in the industry
  • Best in class refrigerant compressors consume less energy against competition dryers
  • Pressure switches control the condenser’s fan motor for saving energy and letting the system operate at desired conditions

The ALM-E Series Refrigerant Circuit and Insulation

ACS Compressors only uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant gas in the dryers. This refrigerant is suitable for both low and high temperature applications.

R-134a has excellent thermodynamic properties and can operate at very low pressure compared to other refrigerants. This will in turn increase the refrigerant compressor’s service life. With R-134a ALMiG dryers can operate at very high ambient temperatures.

ALMiG refrigerant dryers provide a constant pressure dewpoint within its operational range. This is made possible, by utilizing the latest refrigeration technology available in the manufacturing of the dryers.

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