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A.C.S Ltd have a dedicated installation team, and with our vast experience we can recommend the best piping material to suit any particular site’s needs.

• Aluminium energy efficient smooth bore piping systems

Aluminium benefits include:

· 20 – 110mm Pipework for Compressed Air & Vacuum
· Rapid-fit & Easy to Install – no cutting, no threading
· Powder Coated Aluminium Pipe
· Interchangeable with existing systems
· Corrosion Resistant
· Flow Rates up to 3500cfm
· 15bar Pressure
· 110mm Lightweight Aluminium Fittings
· 20mm to 63mm Nickle Plated Brass Fittings
• Galvanised carbon steel – medium and heavy weight
• Stainless steel and copper compression jointed systems
• Plastic, ABS and MDPE systems

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